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The next academic year is around the corner, and it’s always good for parents to help students prepare themselves ahead of time. For example, you might have heard how it’s normal for students to stay up late studying or how they shouldn’t have fun if they want to improve their grades. Some effort is indeed required, but if you help your child apply these tips, they’ll only have to work smarter, not harder.

Study – Don’t Read

You must encourage your child to actively engage with their study material instead of reading and re-reading books. It takes more time and mental energy to go over the same things without taking in anything. Actively engaging with your studies means extracting meaning from text instead of rote memorization. This is a concept most private schools teach.

Space Out Your Studying

Studying for long periods can cause mental exhaustion and poor concentration. The best thing for your child is for them to space out their study sessions. Ideally, they should attend each class for short periods. That way, it’s easier to retain information without feeling like you’ve just run a mental marathon.

Re-write and Explain Your Notes

Re-writing notes has always been a great way to internalize information. The same thing happens when a person discusses their study material aloud, whether they are in a group discussion or giving a presentation. This helps to strengthen your child’s memory of their study material.

Get Some Study Partners

When your child surrounds themselves with like-minded students, it means they have fewer distractions and can focus more fully on their studies. Peer pressure is so hard to resist, so it’s smarter for your child to stick with other students who love to study from the start.

Another way to boost your child’s academic performance is to choose the right learning environment for them. According to a recent recap, students from private schools in Bellevue, WA outscored their counterparts by four points on the ACT test. The NCES also found the same trend in primary and middle schools. When maths tests were compared, eighth-grade students from private schools scored 18 points higher, while private school fourth-graders were eight points ahead. Clearly, enrolling your child in a private school is a worthwhile move. So, if you’re in Bellevue, WA, please get in touch, so we can help you enroll your child in our prestigious private school today.

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