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Over 5.8 million students were enrolled in private schools in 2019, and many of these schools have a lot of similarities. If you are considering what great private schools can offer your children, here are four things the best schools have in common.

Small Class Sizes

Private schools benefit from having much smaller class sizes than their public counterparts and this has many benefits for students. Not only can it make having a relationship with your teachers more feasible, but it can also ensure that they are able to give each student the attention that they need. If your child is struggling in a subject, the teacher will be able to recognize this and step in to help, instead of risking them getting left behind.

Parent Involvement

Unlike public schools where parents can be left out of the equation due to the overwhelming number of students, many private schools emphasize the importance of parent involvement in every child’s education. This means that you’ll have more access to your child’s teacher, and you’ll have the ability to meet with them more than only on scheduled parent-teacher nights.


Unlike the larger class sizes in public schools, the smaller size of a private school makes education more child-focused. This means that every decision that is made is made in the interest of the students, as opposed to the staff or board. Because of this, students tend to be happier, more engaged, and more productive because the school is focused on creating the best learning environment possible for them.

Encouraging Confidence

Another great thing about private schools is that they encourage the cultivation of unique skills and strengths within all of the students. This means that all students are encouraged to develop their strengths and become confident leaders in their classes and communities. This can help build independence and help kids find the things that they are best at so that they can foster their natural strengths into something they can use successfully in the future.

These are just four of many things that you can expect from great private schools. If you are considering a private school for your child, keep these four points in mind. We’d be happy to answer your questions.

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