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So you have the opportunity to send your child to an international children’s school. This can be an amazing experience for your children and you as a parent. Parents tend to not know as much about international schools as they do other types of schools in their area. International schools are usually private schools or magnet schools, which means that there is often an application and tuition involved. While this may be initially intimidating for you, there are many things that these schools can offer kids that make them well worth the effort.

Let’s look into some of the special aspects that international schools offer children. You may be surprised at how far-reaching their benefits are!

1. The International Baccalaureate Program

Many (though not necessarily all) international schools offer their students access to the International Baccalaureate curriculum, often referred to as IB. IB programs are meant to prepare students for a more international career and future. The curriculum is based not on the educational approach of a single country, but multiple nations. It was originally started in Geneva but has been upheld across the world for its high quality. Many universities consider an IB diploma, or even just studying the IB curriculum, an asset for applicants.

2. Cambridge Exam Preparation

Even if IB is not right for your students, it’s hardly the only international curriculum that can be offered at an international children’s school. The Cambridge exams are offered in the UK, and your children can learn through this curriculum without having to pick up a second language. By learning through this curriculum, children can be more well-rounded and prepared to learn.

3. Individual Focus

The typical international children’s school is smaller than a standard public school. Class sizes are smaller, and therefore it’s easier for teachers to focus on children as individuals, rather than treating them as a monolith. Not only are children more able to get individualized attention; but it’s also easier for them to learn through experiential methods, rather than purely theoretical lessons.

4. Preparing for The Future

The world is only going to become more global. The more global a child’s education, the easier it is for them to adjust to this world. They’ll find it easier to connect with their peers and work in an international setting.

Don’t dismiss an international school, it could be highly beneficial!

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