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Children are always learning. For example, according to WebMD, when they’re 4-5 years old, they understand the concept of time and the order of daily activities. They benefit from extra time in class, too, like summer school. Sending your child there doesn’t mean that they are bad in school — it could be quite the opposite. They might need help with a single subject, or maybe you want some additional enrichment! Before asking yourself “What’s the best summer school near me?” here are some things you should look out for as a parent:


The goal of summer school is often for your child to focus on their weak points during the summer. That way, they will be in a much better position when it’s time to go to the next grade. The curriculum should be geared toward them being able to do that. They may also focus on new subjects that will help prepare them for learning in the next grade.

Instructor’s Attitude

The important thing to stress to your child, for the most part, is that this isn’t punishment. You’re trying to help them get the best education possible, and summer school can help them do that. It’s important that the instructor is reinforcing these lessons, too. You want your child to be comfortable being vulnerable, and that’s not easy, especially in front of a new adult. This will help them head into it with the right mindset — and the sun will still be out for many hours afterward, so they can still have fun with friends!

Skill-Building Focus

Summer school, in general, is not only about passing a class or reinforcing previous teachings. It’s also about building the skills to succeed far into the future. This is something that you’ll want to see in the school you choose for your child not just in summer school, but all throughout the year. We excel at building independent adults here at the Bellevue Children’s Academy.

Do you live in or near Bellevue, WA? We’re a Baccalaureate School that serves pre-K through fourth grade. If you are a resident of the area, no need to wonder, “Am I choosing the right summer school near me?” You can send your child here to ensure they continue their educational journey. Contact us today to learn more.

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