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You’ve probably heard that the early years of a child’s life are crucial for proper development. This is especially true when it comes to memory and concentration skills. As a pre-kindergarten student, focusing and retaining information will serve your little one well now and down the road. Let’s explore some key reasons why developing these abilities at a young age is so beneficial.

Laying the Foundation

At just three years old, your child’s brain is already over 80% of the size of an adult brain, according to Children’s Lifetime. Even though it may not seem like it, their minds are primed for learning at this stage. Taking steps to challenge memory and concentration through games and activities helps lay the neural pathways that will carry them through school and beyond. The pre-kindergarten years are the perfect time to get them in the habit of focusing and committing facts and routines to their long-term memory.

School Success Starts Now

Core skills like listening, following multi-step directions, and recalling information are exactly what pre-kindergarten targets. You can supplement what they’re learning in the classroom by doing simple memory games at home, too. Puzzles, Simon says, “I Spy,” and more are fun ways to engage these abilities. The stronger their memory and concentration are now, the better equipped they’ll be for kindergarten expectations and their continuing education.

Lifelong Learning Benefits

We all know how short attention spans can be for pre-kindergarteners. Gently challenging them to extend their focus, even if just for a few more seconds each time, can have lasting effects. Studies show these early brain-building activities help develop executive function, which regulates behavior and problem-solving. This all-important skill set serves kids from academics to relationships. Even a few minutes per day of memory games yields huge returns on investment for their future.

Pre-kindergarten is a crucial time for developing memory and concentration abilities. Simple activities at home support what they’re gaining in the classroom. By focusing on these skills now, you’re helping lay the best possible foundation for your child’s learning and life ahead in the best private schools in Bellevue. Their developing brain is primed for it, so have some fun and give their memory a workout. Call Bellevue Children’s Academy today to schedule a tour of our campus!

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