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When you first tell your children that they’re going to attend a private school, it’s normal for them to have questions; especially if they previously attended a public school. Switching schools is always a little intimidating for kids. With that being said, let’s look into some of the most common questions students have about private schools.

1. How Is It Different?

Kids often don’t recognize exactly what makes a private school different from a public school. While there are a lot of differences between private and public schools, the first one students will notice is the more specialized focus. Often, students are more easily able to pursue their interests at private schools than they are at public schools. One thing is certain for private schools though, the children will be getting a good education. At this time, 71% of private school participants regarded their education as excellent or good, with 63% giving the same rating to parochial or otherwise religious schools, 55% saying the same thing about charter schools, 46% reflecting positively on home schools, and 44% regarding public schools as good or excellent.

2. What Will My Teachers Be Like?

Not only are private school teachers often more individually qualified than public school teachers; they are often able to give more individualized attention to their students. This is because they teach smaller classes, which may at first feel odd to your child but will soon result in them having a better bond with their teachers.

3. What Will The Students Be Like?

Your children could potentially make friends at any school. However, it’s often much easier for kids to make friends at private schools. This is because private schools again have smaller classes, and allow students to make friends over common interests. Private schools encourage tighter bonds between students, allowing them to grow together.

Be open with your children. Let them ask whatever questions they have, and answer honestly. Before you know it, they’ll realize how great a private school for children can be!

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