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Fostering early childhood growth and discovery in Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten

Bellevue Children’s Academy’s Pre-Primary program provides a nurturing environment where our youngest learners begin their educational journey. In preschool and pre-kindergarten, children embark on a path of discovery, cultivating their natural curiosity and laying the foundation for lifelong learning.



Holistic and Engaging Early Learning

Our curriculum balances exploratory play with strong foundational academics. Through hands-on activities and inquiry-based instruction, young learners explore core subjects like Language, Math, and Science, fostering a love of learning and encouraging innovation and problem-solving.

Creative Development and Social Growth

Our approach integrates artistic expression and social interaction into daily activities, promoting imaginative thinking and interpersonal skills. We create a nurturing environment where children develop confidence, empathy, and the ability to collaborate, preparing them for a successful transition to the primary years of education.

Curriculum Maps

Core Academic Curricula

PRESCHOOL: 2023-2024
PRE-K: 2023-2024
PRE-K – BILINGUAL: 2023-2024

A World of Learning

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Nurturing Social-Emotional Development

At BCA, we prioritize the social-emotional well-being of our learners. Our educators create a supportive and engaging environment, helping children explore their identities, build positive relationships, and recognize their unique talents.

Specialized Programs and Activities

In addition to core academic subjects, BCA Pre-Primary students engage in specialized classes like art, drama, music, physical education, and computer skills. These programs are integral to our holistic approach, contributing to the all-round development of our young learners.

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✨ISP Scientist Bronze Winners!
Congratulations to Raya (2nd grade) and Victoria (3rd grade) for being selected as Bronze winners in the Junior category of Ellipsis Earth! 🏆 Bronze certificate is a recognition of those students who participated in 70% of exercises within each module to complete the course. Fantastic achievement!!
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