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More parents consider an international children’s school as an alternative to traditional public school education. If you’ve already looked into traditional private schools, where 5.8 million students were enrolled as of 2019, an international school likely has much of the same appeal. Typically, international schools specifically cater to international students, but they do accept local students.

The History of International Schools

International schools can be traced back to the nineteenth century when they were first founded in a few different countries. Japan, Turkey, and Switzerland in particular were the center of development for international schools. These schools were primarily set up to host the children of diplomats and foreign dignitaries. To this day, these students are still some of the primary beneficiaries of international education. Children of military personnel often also attend international schools. Many parents now choose international schools for their children even when they are local residents. They view international education as a superior way to learn foreign languages and meet peers from other countries.

What Makes An International School

These schools have the ability to offer the transfer of credits or general education. If a student is unable to attend a school in another country without falling behind if they return to their home country, they are most likely not attending an international school. Additionally, an international school must have a multinational and multilingual student body. It’s important that students speak multiple languages at an international school. Furthermore, most language teachers at these schools are native speakers of the languages they teach. Teachers must therefore be multinational. A level of transience is also encouraged. Students are encouraged to change schools when they must, and teachers are encouraged to travel. The population at an international school benefits from moving and changing.

While an international school experience is unique, children can benefit heavily from it. It could be possible that this is the best option for your children!

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