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Private schools offer a range of advantages for students who attend them. According to a recent study by NCES, students in private schools score four points higher on the ACT. Primary and middle schools exhibit the same disparity. A mathematics test comparison on eighth-grade students shows that private school students score 18 points higher while those in fourth grade obtain eight points higher. You can get your child ready for the tests by investing in a private school. Below are some ways private schools can help your child succeed on tests.

Differentiate Instruction for Tougher Tests

The state tests taken by many public school students focus heavily on reading and math. However, the tests given by colleges are different. These tests can require that your child understand multiple types of concepts. College exams require various skills from answering questions. Preparing your child through differentiation of instruction in a private school will help them better prepare to take these exams. Some private schools have even developed test prep services to help your child prepare for these exams.

Build Curriculum Around Tests

Suppose you are interested in taking your children to a private school. In this case, ensure that the curriculum focuses on what they need to know for their tests. The curriculum must teach math, reading, and writing skills related explicitly to the exams they will take. This may mean that your child will need to attend test prep sessions with other students or study with you at home. It will require effort. However, getting your child into their dream private school can be worth it.

Teach Research and Writing Skills

In addition to helping your child read and write well enough to complete college-level tests, private schools can also teach them how to research effectively. When they are in college, they will be assigned research papers that they will have to write independently of their class work. These essays can also be used as practice for the ACT essay writing section and the SAT critical reading section. Private schools focus on helping your child write about their research. This ensures that their essays are well-written and valuable in the college application process.

Private schools better prepare children for standardized tests like the SAT and ACT. There are many other reasons why parents send their kids to private schools, and one of them is the higher chance of succeeding on tests. If you are a parent in the Seattle area looking for an excellent private school, visit our website today. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

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