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Early education is essential to your child’s development. According to Arizona State University, about 90% of their brain capacity has already developed by the age of five, setting the foundation for a strong education. As you look into preschool programs, consider what you need from them. Here are three crucial qualities of the best pre-k programs.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Teachers are professionals. They spend years in school learning how to do their jobs well. While different schools have different requirements for their staff, the best pre-k programs have highly qualified teachers who are experts in child development. They know what to expect from children and how to teach them successfully. A highly qualified teacher is also kind and supportive, guiding children so that they reach their full potential in the classroom. As you consider schools, make sure you ask about the teaching staff.

Strong Communication With Families

You should be a major part of your child’s education. This means that the best preschool programs will work alongside you to make sure your child gets everything they need. The school you choose should communicate with you regularly, ensuring you know what is happening in your child’s class. They should also include you in any decision-making when there needs to be any adjustments made to your child’s education.

Understanding of Unique Needs

Every child is different, and they all deserve a high-quality education. The best pre-programs will provide the resources necessary to help all children succeed in school. If your child has special needs or requires certain accommodations from the school, make sure that the program you choose is willing to do so. This might include individual education plans and other additions to the classroom environment. A good pre-program will already have processes in place and will work with you to help your child get everything they need.

Your child’s pre-k experience will be a major influence on the rest of their educational career. You want to make sure that they get the best education possible. As you look into pre-k programs for your child, keep these qualities in mind. You’ll want a school that offers all three to get your child into the ideal program. To learn more, contact Bellevue Children’s Academy today!

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