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Parents on the fence about a pre-k program may not realize the major benefits these facilities provide. Children will learn many important early lessons in these schools and transition to elementary education more easily. Understanding the benefits you’re likely to see with this education is important because it can help you decide whether this option is right for your young ones. Let’s take a look at a few now.

Behavioral Improvements

Preschool provides children with important lessons about behavior and interacting with others. They’ll learn how to sit in class, play with other children, and share without fighting. These benefits are not imagined, either, as studies have shown real results. For example, according to Think Progress, a child who lacks an early education is 70% more likely to get arrested for a violent crime. Teaching them important ways to behave can be a major benefit to their life beyond school.

Easier Kindergarten Transition

Many parents experience the challenge of the first day of kindergarten. Some kids will cry when they are left alone, and parents may struggle to leave them with others for a whole day. Thankfully, a good pre-K program can prepare both the child and parent for this demand. As a result, kindergarten should be easier for them because they’ll already know what it’s like to be separated all day.

Improved Learning Skills

During a typical preschool program, a child will learn some basic math and reading skills that prepare them for kindergarten. While they may not fully read until later, learning about letters and mastering a few basic words can make that transition easier. As a result, they typically excel in a kindergarten atmosphere and often become better learners later in life as well. This improvement makes middle and high school easier, as well as college.

Stronger Decision-Making Skills

Children often lack strong decision-making abilities because they may base their choices on their emotional needs. However, a great preschool helps children better understand the consequences of their actions at an early age. Therefore, they’ll make better choices when they’re young and may work with their parents more easily when being disciplined.

Beyond these benefits, a great pre-k program can also improve a child’s motor skills, enhance their posture, make sitting still for long periods easier, and improve their overall behavior. As a result, these programs are essential for raising a balanced and intelligent child. If you’re interested in sending your child to an early education program, then reach out to a preschool program to learn more about how they operate.

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