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Early education is a great time to introduce children to subject matters that will carry them through the rest of their lives. In other words, your children should begin learning a second language while they’re still in kindergarten. There are many reasons why students at your local international children’s school are studying another language from such a young age.

Cognitive Development

Being able to reason is a skill that’s developed in a child around the age of five, if not earlier. Enhance your child’s ability to reason when they begin studying a second language. Second language acquisition allows a child to use more parts of their brain, and as a result, they’ll have better concentration, memory, and focus.

Easier Learning

The earlier a child begins learning another language, the easier it is for them to acquire it. Therefore, they’re much more likely to become fluent. At such a young age, your child can even begin learning a third and fourth language with ease. Once the child has begun learning a second language, it makes other language acquisition easier. Before you know it, you may have a polyglot on your hands.

Academic Performance

Your international children’s school provides your children access to a high-level curriculum. When children learn another language, they’re much more likely to have a better academic outcome that can handle more difficult subject matter. Second language acquisition has been linked to kids performing better in other subjects at school. So, if you want your children to do better all around in reading, STEM, and learning musical instruments, knowing another language can help.

Culture Awareness

Learning another language can help your child become more culturally aware. By having better cultural awareness, children can be more intuned with their society. Someone who has successfully acquired another language or is in the process of doing so would be more comfortable traveling and seeking out international education and work opportunities as they grow older. Such cultural awareness may also help your child have more advanced social skills.

As you can see, there are several reasons why your young child should begin learning to speak another language. Taking the steps to become a second language learner can improve cognitive skills and academic performance while opening up a whole new world as they become an adult. To give your child the opportunity to shine at school and in life, enroll them in our international children’s school today.

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