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Children grow up a lot faster than adults think. Some private schools are focusing on helping children fine-tune all the skills they are developing. Private schools are great educational settings. They offer more individualized attention, and can help a child to navigate their world effectively.

Surprising Developments from Birth To Age Three

From birth to the age of three is a rapid development period. From birth to one year, your child’s brain has doubled in size. They have learned how to make you laugh, they understand when someone is speaking in an unfamiliar language, and they learn to count. According to a recent study, babies as young as six months old can detect math errors in a puppet show. By the age of three, they can count and arrange patterns.

Surprising Development From Age Three to Age Five
From the age of three to the age of five, your child’s emotional development really takes off. At this stage, children are concerned with making friends and fitting into groups. They develop empathy for others at this stage.

Surprising Developments By Age Five

One of the biggest milestones a five-year-old will reach is the ability to reason. They will develop negotiation skills at this point in their development. In other words, they know what they want, and they will be able to bargain for it. Private schools are a great setting for this age group. They expand on that desire to negotiate and hone children’s skills to help them solve conflicts.

Surprising Developments From Age Five To Age Seven

During this period your child is a sponge for knowledge. They are naturally interested in learning and exploring. Their personalities are well developed by this stage, and they already know what they like to learn about. Private schools are a great setting for young learners because they focus on the child’s interests.

Surprising Developments From Age Seven To Age Ten

At seven your child will develop an awareness of the future. They will be interested in what their future self will look like and who they will be. Private schools can help to nurture your child and their future.

Your child will develop faster than you know. Make sure you’re putting them in an educational environment that fosters that development with care.

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