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Early childhood education is significant. A large part of crucial brain development in children occurs in their preschool years. The development impacts everything in a child, including academic performance and social skills throughout their life. If you have a child ready for a pre-k program, here’s what you need to understand about the importance of early education.

1. Enhanced Academic Performance

Research shows that children who go through early childhood education record better academic performance. Overall, children who attend pre-k programs perform better in math and reading. Underperformance in these areas is common in children who don’t attend preschool.

2. Better Socialization

Children who attend early education have better socialization skills. In a pre-k program, children learn important social skills, such as taking turns with peers, sharing toys, listening, and talking with others. Teachers also encourage children to interact by using games, stories, and songs. These activities positively influence children by giving them lifelong socialization skills.

3. Improved Confidence

Attending an early education program provides children with many fun and challenging activities that reinforce their confidence. A good example of the activities is interaction with teachers and peers. Such interactions are effective in helping a child develop confidence early on in their life. Children carry the acquired confidence throughout life.

4. Improved Concentration

Although children have short attention spans, early education can help improve their concentration. Learning through new experiences and connections during early education helps children’s ability to focus. By the time a child finishes a pre-k program, they know how to listen attentively, follow directions, and concentrate on one activity at a time.

5. Thin School Drop Out

There is a direct correlation between lack of early education and school dropouts. Starting school early allows children to develop a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. Engaging in fun activities and interacting with peers make children develop a passion for learning. On the contrary, children who don’t attend early education don’t have the passion and can easily drop out of school. According to research, a child without an early education has a 40% probability of becoming a teenage parent. Also, a majority of incarcerated people dropped out of school.

These are the benefits of early education. Enroll your child in a pre-k program today to enable them to gain these benefits. Contact Bellevue Children’s Academy to learn more.

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