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The SAT is an important metric used by colleges and universities to evaluate students. NCES says high school graduates with a private education get higher points on their ACTs. The same gap exists for children in primary and middle schools. Private school students got almost 20 points more than their peers. Fourth graders got 8 more points. Parents of private school students in Bellevue, WA, play a vital role in their children’s SAT and ACT prep. Your support and encouragement boost their confidence. It also makes the review process easier. Keep reading to learn more and get some tips to help your child with this test.

When is the Right Time to Involve Yourself in the Test Prep Process?

Some parents either involve themselves too early or late in their children’s test prep process. The optimal time is before your child takes their PSATs or pre-ACTs. These exams are diagnostic, so your child won’t always need intense review sessions to get ready. Being there for your child will keep them calm in the days leading up to the exam.

Help Your Children Set Realistic Target Goals

After receiving the prep scores, children and parents must work together. Examine the scores against those from other private schools. This will identify areas of weakness to focus on. Creating a new strategy using the information learned from the prep tests is a good place to start. They’ll help you set realistic SMART goals.

Familiarize Yourself With the Latest Version of the Test

The SATs and ACTs have changed considerably since they first appeared on the scene decades ago. Even if you took these exams before, do not assume they are the same now as back then. For instance, 2016 saw fresh changes to the SAT. They removed the guessing penalty and more.

Create a Weekly Test Prep Check-In Time

Children perform better when they have structure, especially those who attend private schools. That’s why it’s important to make your child feel accountable for their progress. If your child knows you will check on them regularly, it’ll motivate them to keep pace with their studies. Make sure you’re consistent with the check-ins. Unpredictable check-ins are less effective during an already stressful time.

Private school children in Seattle know how to handle their responsibilities. But, everyone needs a little help sometimes. Taking advantage of private schools and providing your child with positive support for their ACTs and SATs is invaluable.

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