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The first seven years of a child’s development determine how they turn out in the future, according to Dr. Bruce Lipton. Therefore, it is vital to steer a child in the right direction, as failure to do so can negatively impact their development. According to Think Progress, the lack of early childhood education increases the likelihood of a child becoming a teenage parent by 40%. As a parent, you can avoid this by ensuring your child receives early childhood education by taking them to preschool. Below are essential social skills that your child can develop while there.


Communication is an important life skill for young children. Children learn to communicate in preschool by expressing themselves and listening to others. They learn to express their emotions, wants, and needs, and also to understand the wants and needs of others. It also helps them connect better with adults and benefits them in other areas of their lives.

Expressing emotions

At a very young age, kids learn to express their emotions by copying their parents. However, they cannot name these emotions. In preschool, instructors help kids to understand and label their emotions. They are also taught to understand how others feel and show compassion. Children who express their feelings can better control their emotions and deal with stress.

Following instructions

Following directions is a crucial life skill that teaches kids to do what they are told. Children who do not follow directions get in trouble for misbehavior or other problems. Teaching kids to follow directions helps them pay attention and understand what they need to do to succeed and stay out of trouble. Consequently, they become more cooperative and work well with others.

Sharing and caring

Children need social skills like sharing and caring to form friendships and feel a part of a group. When they share and care for each other, they build friendships and develop empathy toward others. It also helps them to know how to act in various situations. For instance, it helps them show compassion to others and know when to help someone.

It is important to ensure your child receives social skills for a good upbringing and to enable them to navigate life. Call us today to get your child on the right track and for them to learn these social skills early.

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