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The quality of education is a major consideration for parents when deciding which school to take their children to. The difference in class size is a crucial consideration for parents when choosing between public and private schools, according to On the same note, the National Center for Education Statistics indicates that although the average class size is 25 students, private schools consist of about 19 students per class. This number translates to a better student-to-teacher ratio of 12.2 compared to public school, which is 16.1 students per class. Let’s look into a few more reasons why class size is important.

Individualized attention

Small class sizes are inherently more attractive to parents than larger ones because the teacher has better control of the classroom. Smaller classrooms enable teachers to give each student more individualized attention, leading to better comprehension. Additionally, in a smaller classroom setting, children can concentrate better and minimize the possibility of scattered attention that might hinder their learning.

Intimate learning environment

Having fewer students in the class creates a more personal learning atmosphere. When students are close to one another, they build strong relationships with their teachers and classmates. Consequently, the atmosphere becomes more encouraging, and participating in classroom conversations and raising questions becomes easier.

Better practical learning

The classroom size also affects how students engage in practical learning. Small-sized classrooms, such as those in private schools, allow students more opportunities to get hands-on experience in different fields. When students engage more in experiments and activities, they can truly understand the subject. Conversely, in a larger classroom, the teacher has less time with each student, and facilities for hands-on activities may be limited.

Effectiveness in teaching

A large class of 25-35 students might be challenging for teachers to manage and control behavioral problems. On the contrary, private schools have smaller classrooms which allow for more effective teaching because teachers have more time to focus on individual students. Consequently, the teacher can observe how students learn to help them with comprehension.

There is no doubt that class size greatly impacts students’ academic performance. The smaller the class size, the better the results. Are you interested in enrolling your kid in a private school? Contact us today for more information.

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