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The choice to enroll your child in preschool is one that new parents approach with enthusiasm and trepidation. Although there’s some excitement, it’s generally paired with guilt. It’s always difficult for new parents to leave their child in the hands of a new caregiver for the first time.

Working parents have often used pre-k while at work, but stay-at-home parents should take advantage, too. Many studies have found that stay-at-home parents experience great stress and worry that can be alleviated by sending their children to school. Keep reading to learn why stay-at-home parents should consider sending their children to school early.

Take a break from parenting

Stay-at-home parents should be allowed to take a break every now and then. By enrolling toddlers in preschool, parents have just a bit more time to focus on themselves. You can utilize the time to schedule a doctor’s visit, complete some home chores without interruption, or relax and enjoy some well-deserved personal time. You may engage in several activities during your free time that can fully renew and revive your mind, allowing you to ultimately provide a better upbringing for your child.

Improving your child’s independence

While sending your child off to school may seem scary, it’s actually quite important to their growth. Children can become reliant on their parents when they don’t have any other authority figures in their lives. This reliance can turn into disobedience when it’s time for kindergarten to begin. Without a parent at their side, your child will learn to take responsibility for themselves, learn from new teachers, and be more open to sharing.

Beneficial for your child’s development

A key consideration (that most people overlook) is that while you are at home, your child is out socializing with schoolmates. This can be quite beneficial to a child’s development. Furthermore, while gone, your child has the opportunity to master a wide range of new skills. While your child is away at school, you can rest assured that they are in excellent hands and are well-cared for.

Give us a call today at the Bellevue Children’s Academy to enroll your child in a preschool facility that provides excellent care while you have alone time.

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