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By the age of three, a child’s brain is about 80% of the size of an adult’s brain, according to Children’s Lifetime. This means that attending a structured, yet fun place is an excellent chance for your little one to make friends, become a team player, and learn about the environment. Since school is done for the season, going to camp is an excellent option. Here are some qualities of a great summer camp to look out for.

Wide Range of Activities

Children want the most out of their experience, so it’s important to have a variety of activities for them to take part in. Fun activities can include arts and crafts, music, games, sports, and swimming. Your little one will have the opportunity to use their hands and create! Plus, learning about different sports gives your child the chance to move around and exert energy each day.

Qualified Supervision

With a lot of kids around, anything can happen, but having proper supervision helps keep kids safe while they’re having fun. Top summer camps hire qualified candidates, including a wide range of adults and perhaps teenagers and college students who enjoy working with children.

Safety Environment

Attending a local camp is the perfect way for children to spend time outside playing with other kids their age. Children should explore their surroundings but need to do so safely. A safe environment includes distance from anything that can hurt them, excellent supervision, and the availability of first aid.

Place for Growth

A great summer camp allows your kids to have fun as they learn new things and explore the local area. Activities should teach kids something that they can use later in life, such as learning a team sport and getting along with others, etc. Plus, many offer opportunities for campers to go on field trips to local and educational places, such as a wildlife exhibit or a museum.

There are many reasons to send your kid off to summer camp! Here at Bellevue Children’s Academy, we are proud of our structured yet fun, creative, and playful camp for children of various ages. Give your little one the summer of their lifetime! Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

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