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Summer school is a great way to supplement your child’s education, especially at a young age. Today, summer learning programs are used to help children retain learning and accel in academics. Summer school for 4-year-olds, especially, is a great way to ensure your child is ready for kindergarten. Let’s look at what students can learn during the summer.

Learning Habits

One of the most important things that students can improve upon during summer sessions is their learning habits. Good learning habits do not happen by accident, they must be taught to children from a very young age. When children are taught that learning is a fun and integral part of their lives, they won’t think of school as work. This is a great place to develop the habit of learning.

Skill Retention

Students can lose a lot of what they have learned during the year over their summer break. This gap in retention makes for a difficult upcoming year, and this is especially true when transitioning from pre-k to kindergarten. Summer school is a good opportunity to work on retaining the skills that have been previously learned. Reviewing and reinforcing those skills will make for a smooth transition into the upcoming year and a stronger finish.

Kindergarten Preparation

Summer school for 4-year-olds provides a special preparation for kindergarten, which is a fun time in a child’s life that sets a foundation for future success. However, many children come into kindergarten lacking many basic skills they need. Introducing this option to young kids will allow them to work on those skills before kindergarten starts. This will help children feel more confident once they head off to elementary education and it will benefit them academically.

Private institutions often offer summer learning programs for children as young as 4. In fact, 71% of survey participants in a recent survey reported that they believe independent private schools are excellent or good, while 63% gave the same rating to parochial or church options. Other types of institutions ranked as follows: charter schools: 55%, homeschooling: 46%, and public schools: 44%. If you are looking for superior summer learning opportunities for your child, please contact Bellevue Children’s Academy today to learn more about our private education programs.

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