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When it comes to curriculums, private and public schools tend to differ a lot. The public schools get a lot of funding from the state, so they have to follow the guidelines there. This means that they teach basic subjects, like reading, writing, and math, among others. They tend to focus on getting them ready for standardized state tests. Private schools don’t have that issue, since they tend to get their money from alumni and other groups. This allows them to be more creative. As a result, according to a study by the Department of Education, private school students tended to do better on college entrance exams. Let’s take a closer look at this curriculum.

They Focus on Both Emotional and Mental Learning

Usually, at private elementary schools, the administration and the teachers focus on creating a nurturing environment while also having them take courses that can help prepare them for middle school. On the emotional side, they stress social-emotional learning, which can help the students have empathy for others. In the classroom, they focus on two areas. One is core competencies, which include Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. The other is enrichment, like Music, Fine Arts, Spanish, Technology, and Physical Education.

They Focus On Critical Thinking

Students at public elementary schools tend to learn rote information. They need to learn this, so they can move to the next grade. They aren’t really taught to analyze things. Private schools can focus on this crucial aspect. When a child graduates from a private school, they tend to have a better foundation for higher education and beyond.

That isn’t to say that every private high school has the best curriculum. This is why is so important to find one widely respected. Be sure to research what they are doing, what other parents are saying about the classes that are being taught, and look at any ratings, too. This will help you make the best decision about whether you want to send your child to this particular school. There are also some very good public schools, but you need to know what districts they are and look at how they are rated compared to others.

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