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Private schools continue to increase in popularity as more parents learn the many benefits of a private education. When you start touring these prized institutions, you’ll have plenty of options. As of 2021, there are over 30,000 individual private schools nationwide. This article will review the top things to look for in a private school.

1. Academic Standards

These institutions are renowned for their exceptional academic standards. These standards start in earlier grades to ensure children are ahead of the learning curve in many subjects. This also applies to academic programs that focus on teaching multiple languages. Ask your school of choice if you can view their curriculum before enrolling your child.

2. Qualified Teachers

Many schools require teachers to have a certain level of education. However, standards are quickly changing as public programs experience a teacher shortage, leading to them hiring substitutes and staff with zero training. Don’t hesitate to ask a private institution about their hiring process and what qualifications instructors must have.

3. Different Curriculum

One thing that sets these particular academic structures apart from others is that they are not required to follow the same curriculum as public schools. This allows these programs to teach various other things, including religion. Thanks to this flexibility, many schools start teaching about the arts and a second language earlier. The best private schools for children have a curriculum encouraging various skills, such as languages or the arts.

4. Small Class Sizes

There are several advantages of small class sizes. Teachers can easily direct more hands-on learning opportunities. Children will receive the one-on-one attention they need to thrive academically. Teachers with fewer students can spot delays more efficiently, ensuring that each individual receives additional assistance when needed. The extra help young students receive ensures they build a solid foundation and love learning.

5. Sense of Community

A renowned, exceptional private school for children will foster a sense of community that the entire family will enjoy. Your child will be able to enjoy support from their peers, encouraged by their excellent educators. These schools often have plenty of volunteer opportunities to ensure parents are involved in their child’s education as well.

We understand you want your little one to attend the best private school for children. Our staff is highly qualified to deliver valuable lessons from an exceptional curriculum. Contact Bellevue Children’s Academy when you’re ready to schedule a tour.

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