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Summer School For 4 Year Olds

With most children beginning to develop greater independence, self-control, and creativity at this age, according to WebMD, summer can be a great time to nurture their growth. Be sure to choose a summer program with these three qualities to ensure your child’s budding skills are engaged.

1. Close-Knit Groups

At just 4 years old, your little one still benefits from creating a close bond with their teachers. With small educator-to-teacher ratios, your child will build closer bonds, as the instructor can get to know each student’s unique needs and learning style. Finally, it gives them a chance to form stronger bonds with classmates. The close-knit environment will have your tot eager to come back each day. This is a great way for your child to bond with a good mentor!

2. An Enriching Curriculum

The best summer school for 4 year olds has an enriching curriculum designed for this particular age group. Programs should nurture their burgeoning independence with activities like arts and crafts, music, and imaginative play. Curriculums that teach foundational academic and social skills through games set them up for future success. Look for themes like space exploration or forest animals that spark their curiosity. The activities should flex their creativity and critical thinking and not feel like regular schoolwork. An enriching curriculum keeps little ones engaged!

3. Outdoor Play Time

Free outdoor play should be part of any summer school for 4 year olds. Time on the playground improves their physical coordination and social skills. Options like water play, nature walks, and gardening take advantage of the summer weather. This crucial part of their daily routine also taps into their energy and allows tots to explore. Fresh air and activity even improve focus when they return to the classroom. The summer is a perfect time to incorporate more outdoor free time.

The right summer programs for pre k will nurture your 4 year old’s emerging abilities. With small class sizes, enriching activities tailored to their level, and ample outdoor time, they’ll enjoy opportunities to grow and have fun. A great educational experience can supplement their preschool education and build skills while beating the summer slide. Look for programs that offer these key qualities so your child makes the most of summer. Contact Bellevue Children’s Academy today to learn more!

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